Welcome to BTC Zombies

Survive - Build - Manage Resources - Loot - Earn Bitcoins

- Every player runs small camp of survivors. Number of people in camp will vary over time...
- Players need to successfully manage resources in order to keep survivors alive.
- To find needed resources, players will have to send survivors into nearby town.

- Every Resource in game has value in Bitcoin Satoshis.
- Collected Satoshi Shards can be withdrawn as Bitcoin Satoshis to Your Xapo Wallet.

Game Start

Every player starts with:
1. 5 Survivors
2. 1000 Satoshis + Resources
3. Randomly generated nearby town with 50 buildings


- Every 5 minutes players can loot 1 building in town.
- Every building has unique list of lootable resources (Meds in Hospitals or Food in Super Markets).
- Level of every building is randomly generated at start. Buildings with higher levels have higher potential loot.
- Every 3 days wandering zombies will attack camp. It's up to You to setup defenses and protect it.

BTC Zombies Economy

- BTC Zombies has unique economy that is connected to Bitcoin.
- Every Resource in game can be bought and sold for Satoshis at Trade Page.
- Players can request Payouts of earned Satoshis to their Xapo Wallet.

- Players can deposit Bitcoin Satoshis into game from their Xapo Wallet to speed up in-game progress, however depositing is NOT REQUIRED by and means and game can be played for Free without any limitations.

Camp Upgrades & Defenses

- Players can build Walls and other buildings in camp to protect it from wandering Zombies.
- Survivors can equip various weapons and armors to permanently increase their levels.
- The more survivors live in camp - the stronger camp defenses will be.

Free To Play

BTC Zombies is 100% FREE to play online game in which players can earn Bitcoin Satoshis by succesfuly running small post appocalypse community.

Contact Us

If You have any problems, questions, suggestions, complaints - We are here for You !!! Feel free to contact Us and we'll give our best to help.

In-Game Economy

Everything in BTC Zombies has value in Bitcoin Satoshis. Develop Your Survivors community and build long-term passive income of BTC Satoshis.